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Carpet cleaning is a task that many of us will put on the back burner. Something that we know needs to be done but put it off for more important things. However it should be something that you are regularly keeping up to date with and looking after.

Carpet cleaning is more than just removing stains from the carpet. It includes making sure that your carpet is clean right through. There is only so much that can be picked up with a vacuum and even if you are vacuuming regularly it does not remove the dirt and grime that is deep

down in the carpet fibers nor does it remove the marks that are created in high traffic areas from constant use such as walking. 

Why use a professional carpet cleaner?

There are plenty of products that you can purchase in the supermarket that are intended for use on carpets, however these items are not always the best choice and can actually do more damage to your carpet than good.

Many of these products available are intended for spot cleaning and only working on the areas that are highly stained from constantly walking on them or from spills that have occurred. If using these products there is the risk that you actually damage the carpet as many of them have a bleaching effect in them and they do not actually remove the dirt and grime but just remove the colour from the stain.

By using a professional carpet cleaning company you know that you are getting a full and professional clean of your carpets, using only the best quality chemicals.

Professional carpet cleaners use specialised equipment that is intended to pull the dirt and grime from the carpets and leave them looking and feeling fresh and clean. They are able to focus on the high traffic areas and help bring your carpets all back to the same colour even with the use that they have received.

Is it cost effective?

It is definitely more affordable to organise a professional carpet cleaner to come and clean your carpets rather than try to do them yourself. The products in the supermarket normally come in a small aerosol can or bottle and do not cover a large amount of area. If you have multiple carpeted rooms in your home this can start to become quite expensive if you are cleaning them yourself. 

Our team of highly trained carpets cleaners are able to come to your home and complete the carpet cleaning for you at an affordable rate and at a time that is suitable for you. Because of the equipment that is used you are not left with wet carpets for days and the risk of strong chemical smells that are difficult to get rid of is heavily reduced.

Give us a call today to discuss your carpet cleaning needs and what we can do for you. We can provide a quote for the number of rooms that need cleaning and provide you with a time that it can be completed.

Carpet Cleaning Parramatta team member vacuuming an office carpet in Parramatta
Overhead shot of a vacuum cleaning a carpet
Patterned cleaning with a vacuum cleaner