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End of Lease Cleaning, Parramatta, NSW

Moving out of a home into another one can be a stressful task. Between the moving and the cleaning of the old house, you have a lot on your plate. We aim to help reduce a little bit of the stress and frustration of moving by helping you with the cleaning of your carpets at the end of your lease.

Currently servicing the Parramatta and surrounding suburbs including Ryde and Strathfield, our end of lease carpet cleaning service has proven to be very popular and successful with both tenants and agents alike. It saves you time and money on trying to clean the carpets yourself and gives you a guarantee that they have been

cleaned professionally. 

Why get an end of lease carpet clean?

In many rental agreements these days it is actually a requirement to have the carpets in the home professionally cleaned before moving out of the property. If you have signed a lease stating a professional carpet clean needs to be completed, your agent can actually keep a portion of your security deposit or bond if you do not comply with getting a professional clean completed.

By having your carpets professionally cleaned it also helps to reduce the risk of damage to the carpets before you move out. If there are stains on the carpet that you want to have removed and try to remove them yourself before you leave, you run the risk of damaging the carpets if you try using at home products to remove them.

Is it cost effective?

By having your end of clean carpet clean completed by a professional carpet cleaner you are able to reduce the risk of having your security deposit or bond withheld when you move out of the property – this in itself is a good reason to have the carpets cleaned professionally.

The cheap at home carpet cleaners are not always effective and it can end up

costing you a lot more than you would pay for a professional carpet clean –

especially if you have multiple rooms in the home that are carpeted and need to

be cleaned. As a team of trained and qualified carpet cleaners we are able to work with you to ensure that you are vacating the property with the carpets in the best quality that can be provided. We can complete a carpet clean of all the rooms in the home in a timely manner and we work with you to ensure that the carpets are cleaned at a time that suits you and your time schedule for moving out.

We wont get in the way of you moving your furniture out and aim to complete the clean once you have the house emptied but before you need to return the keys. This way you are getting full cleaning coverage of the carpets.

We also provide a receipt that can be copied and given to the real estate agent to show that you have complied with their carpet cleaning requests. So why not book in your end of lease carpet clean today and tick one more thing off your to do list. 

end of lease clean in Parramatta getting rid of a stain in a carpet
Stain being cleaned off carpet by Parramatta cleaner
Stain on a brown older carpet